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AdvancedTomato Asus RT-AC68U 3.5-140

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About This File

A router's graphical user interface is the most important part of the system because most users are unable or unwilling to configure a router by any other means. Tomato comes with a dated web interface with the option to change the color scheme but for some of us that is not enough. The interface simply feels out of date, out of style and in need of an update. AdvancedTomato enables you to keep all of the features of Tomato by Shibby and also upgrade your router's GUI to a clean and contemporary flat design. Users who demand a modern feature-filled firmware like Tomato deserve to explore those features using modern intuitive GUI like AdvancedTomato.



What's New in Version 138   See changelog


Update 3.3 (GUI):
- Changed font to "Segoe UI" with "Roboto" as fall-back (Segoe UI is Windows only font)
- Changed some internal variables in relation from AdvancedTomato GUI to Tomato HTTPD handler
- Added Ability to change navigation tree trigger from CLICK to HOVER or wise versa
- Added FIX for navigation menu when its missing JSON object
- Added an event that initially triggers load of data on Tools Wireless Survey page
- Modified GUI changes to reflect all changes done by Shibby's 138
- Many minor changes to the gui styles, I really forgot all ^^ some colors, fonts etc...
- Upgraded JQuery (Javascript Framework) to version 3.1.0

Update 138 (Shibby):
All versions:
– busybox: update to 1.25.0
– busybox: wget – add TLS SNI support via openssl s_client – Jeremy Chadwick
– Miniupnpd: update to 2.0
– NTFS-3G driver update to 2016.2.22
– OpenSSL: updated to 1.0.2h
– OpenSSL: add s_client to mipsel`s images
– dropbear: updated to 2016.74 – AndreDVJ
– dropbear: fixes and improvements -AndreDVJ
– dropbear: fix some PATH
– libcurl: updated to 7.49.1 – AndreDVJ
– libsodium: updated to 1.0.10 – AndreDVJ
– igmpproxy: latest patches as of April 27th. 2016 – AndreDVJ
– libncurses: updated to 6.0 – AndreDVJ
– libnfsidmap: updated to 0.25 – AndreDVJ
– spawn-fcgi: updated to 1.6.4 – AndreDVJ & Shibby
– dnsmasq: updated to 2.76 – AndreDVJ & Shibby
– nano: updated to 2.6.1 – AndreDVJ
– libusb10: updated to 1.0.9 – AndreDVJ
– libevent: updated to 2.0.22 – AndreDVJ
– dnscrypt: updated to 1.6.1 – AndreDVJ
– gmp: updated to 6.1.0 – AndreDVJ
– nettle: updated to 3.2 – AndreDVJ
– MWAN: write failover state to /tmp/wan.failover file
– MWAN: be sure we use correct dns servers for failover when primary wan failed
– DDNS: allow select WANs for DDNS services
– 4G: better Signal Strength detection
– Switch entware (obsolete) to entware-ng
– Revert „Asus RT-N16: fix vlan order” – tvlz
– VLAN GUI: updates – tvlz
– IPv6:Fix „ipv6_prefix_length” range checking – tvlz
– rc/qoc.c: some fixes – tvlz
– Fix for ipv6 6rd – Magister
– IPv6: Fix TCP MSS Clamping, move to mangle table – tvlz
– Fix QOS – make QOS work with IPv6 – tvlz
– Allow Incoming IPv6 IPSec by default – tvlz
– Fix renewal of IA NA – tvlz
– EHCI: fix direction handling for interrupt data toggles – Alan Stern

ARM only
– Add support for Netgear R6400
– Add exFAT support – oneleft & Shibby
– Kernel: updates for tcp_cubic – AndreDVJ
– Updated e2fsprogs to 1.43 – AndreDVJ
– Use kernel ext4 driver for all ext2/3/4 filesystems – nikk gitanes & AndreDVJ
– R1D: support updates – nikk gitanes & AndreDVJ
– Updated wireless settings for R6250/R6300v2/R7000 – AndreDVJ
– Driver: update Linux Broadcom BCM47XX 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Controller – AndreDVJ
– Added Linksys EA6900 gpio addresses, and updated Huawei WS880 gpio address for USB2 LED – AndreDVJ


Forum poświęcone przesyłaniu i przechowywaniu danych w małej sieci.
Prezentujemy testy urządzeń oraz pomagamy w ich obsłudze i konfiguracji.
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