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Log in to the router using a Web browser. The URL is

  • Click ADVANCED tab > Administration > Firmware Upgrade.
  • Click Browse and find the file you just downloaded.
  • Click Upload. Do not interrupt the upgrade while the router does this step.

Important Note:
The upgrade process is completed when the on screen progress bar completes. If power LED light turns amber and blinking, power cycle the router to complete the upgrade.
If the upgrade progress bar on web GUI doesn’t display correctly during firmware upgrade, you can still check the status using Power LED. The Power LED should be blinking (amber) during firmware upgrade. After firmware upgrade is done and boots up the system, it changes to steady amber color.
Please DO NOT power off or reboot the device during firmware upgrade, otherwise, it may result to a corrupt firmware and cause the device not to work.

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  • New Features & Enhancements
  • Updated 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless driver settings to fix the wireless connection unstable issue and low performance with some wireless clients.
  • Enhanced the Samba performance for NTFS file system of HDD
  • Enhanced the Web management GUI response speed
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the Block Site function is not working (in V1.0.0.92 firmware)
  • Fix the issue where the Speedtest function is not working when WAN port is in PPPoE mode (in V1.0.0.92 firmware)
  • Fixed SOAP security issue
  • Known issues & bugs & Limitation
  • With regards to Apple's Time Machine backup function, Nighthawk X4 R7500 Router only supports NTFS, EXT4, EXT3, EXT2, HFS+ in Journal, HFS+ in non-journal file system. R7500 does not support FAT16, FAT32 file format for Apple Time machine backup at the moment.
  • R7500 support maximum backup file size up to 500GByte now.


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