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ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.13

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Asuswrt-merlin is a customized version of Asus's firmware. The goal is to provide bugfixes and minor enhancements to Asus's firmware, with also 
a few occasional feature additions.  This is done while retaining the look and feel of the original firmware, and also ensuring that the two codebases remain close enough so it will remain possible to keep up with any new features brought by Asus in the original firmware.

This project's goal is NOT to develop yet another firmware filled with many features that are rarely used by home users - that is already covered by other excellent projects such as Tomato or DD-WRT. This more conservative approach will also help ensuring the highest level of stability possible.  Priority is given to stability over performance, and performance over features.
Supported devices are:

  • RT-N66U
  • RT-AC66U
  • RT-AC56U
  • RT-AC66U_B1 (use the RT-AC68U firmware)
  • RT-AC68U, RT-AC68P, RT-AC68UF (including HW revision C1 and E1)
  • RT-AC86U
  • RT-AC2900 (use the RT-AC86U firmware)
  • RT-AC1900 & RT-AC1900P (use the RT-AC68U firmware)
  • RT-AC3200
  • RT-AC87U
  • RT-AC88U
  • RT-AC3100
  • RT-AC5300
  • RT-AX88U


What's New in Version 380.67   See changelog


380.67 (16-July-2017)
  - NEW: Merged with GPL 380_7743 code, with binary blobs from
         7378 for N66U
  - NEW: Custom config support for quagga/ripd.
  - NEW: Webui SSL certificate can now be saved so it gets reused
         instead of a new one being constantly generated.  It will
         be stored under /jffs/ssl/, you can also easily provide
         your own by storing cert.pem and key.pem in that location.
         Settings to control this can be found under
         Administration -> System.
  - NEW: TLS support in vsftpd.  Key and certs are automatically
         generated, and can also be replaced by your own, as
         ftp.key and ftp.crt under /jffs/ssl/
  - NEW: fq_codel and configurable overhead support in Adaptive QoS.
  - NEW: PEAP/MSCHAPv2 support via 802.1x on WAN interface, in
         addition to existing MD5 support (patch by Rafi Khardalian)
  - CHANGED: Remember chosen sort method on DHCP static reservations
  - CHANGED: Updated minidlna to 1.2.0.
  - CHANGED: Updated nano to 2.8.5.
  - CHANGED: Updated openssl to 1.0.2l.
  - CHANGED: Updated ipset (ARM) to 6.32.
  - CHANGED: Upgraded from vsftpd 2.0.4 to 3.0.3.  You might need to
             revise any custom configuration you have done (if any).
  - CHANGED: Moved SMB2 support switch to the main samba page.
  - CHANGED: Optimized all webui images for size
  - CHANGED: Tor now runs as a limited user instead of as root
  - CHANGED: Limited number of supported OpenVPN clients to 2 on
             the RT-AC3200, to save on nvram.
  - CHANGED: Removed tweak that allowed to disable/enable bridge
             multicast snooping, as Asus now disables it upstream
             at the kernel level.
  - FIXED: OpenVPN client would be shown as having failed to connect
           if a reconnect attempt initially failed to authenticate,
           but succesfully connected afterward.
  - FIXED: Quagga's log could fill up RAM, reduced the amount of
           logging generated by it.
  - FIXED: NFS sometimes failing to start properly (patch by john9527)
  - FIXED: Layout issue of the status bar under Chrome when window
           is larger than 1800px (patch by Cyrus Dargahi)
  - FIXED: UPNP and SNMP issues in Dual WAN mode.
  - FIXED: NAT Loopback (merlin mode) in Dual WAN mode wasn't supported.
  - FIXED: Internal and external port specifications were swapped in
           miniupnpd's config file (Asus/Tomato bug)
  - FIXED: Enabling policy-based routing for a client connecting to
           a server that doesn't push a redirect-gateway would fail
           to properly route traffic (for instance with StrongVPN)
  - FIXED: Invalid port trigger rules when specifying a port range
           (patch by John Bacho)
  - FIXED: OpenVPN client with a password containing an "&" could get
           corrupted when re-editing that client's config.
  - FIXED: Some remote syslogd would choke on syslog entries sent by
           the router if there were spaces in the tag parameter.
           Removed spaces where this was the case.



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