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ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.10_2

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Asuswrt-merlin is a customized version of Asus's firmware. The goal is to provide bugfixes and minor enhancements to Asus's firmware, with also 
a few occasional feature additions.  This is done while retaining the look and feel of the original firmware, and also ensuring that the two codebases remain close enough so it will remain possible to keep up with any new features brought by Asus in the original firmware.

This project's goal is NOT to develop yet another firmware filled with many features that are rarely used by home users - that is already covered by other excellent projects such as Tomato or DD-WRT. This more conservative approach will also help ensuring the highest level of stability possible.  Priority is given to stability over performance, and performance over features.
Supported devices are:

  • RT-N66U
  • RT-AC66U
  • RT-AC56U
  • RT-AC66U_B1 (use the RT-AC68U firmware)
  • RT-AC68U, RT-AC68P, RT-AC68UF (including HW revision C1 and E1)
  • RT-AC86U
  • RT-AC2900 (use the RT-AC86U firmware)
  • RT-AC1900 & RT-AC1900P (use the RT-AC68U firmware)
  • RT-AC3200
  • RT-AC87U
  • RT-AC88U
  • RT-AC3100
  • RT-AC5300
  • RT-AX88U


What's New in Version 384.10_2   See changelog


384.10_2 (3-Apr-2019)
  - CHANGED: Increased OpenVPN interface queue length from 100
             to 1000 bytes, to reduce the amount of dropped
             packets if router can't keep up.
  - CHANGED: Updated CA bundle to January 23rd version
  - FIXED: Moviestar VLAN routes weren't properly configured
           (broken quagga configuration)
  - FIXED: Layout issues on the Wireless Log page for some
  - FIXED: Missing tooltip content for the new local DNS
           resolution setting on the Tweak page
  - FIXED: FAQ URL on Bandwidth Monitor points to a non-existing
           page on Asus's servers (point to old page for now)
  - FIXED: OpenVPN CA would be overwritten if there was no
           server key or cert present - only generate them
           if all three are missing.
  - FIXED: Bandwidth Limiter not working properly in some
           cases, as it failed to disable hardware acceleration



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