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  1. FreshTomato-ARM

    Fork Tomato-ARM by Shibby, obrazy kompilowane przez FreshTomato team
    Kompilujemy obrazy dla wybranych routerów ARM: 
    Asus N18U, AC56S, AC56U/AC56R, AC68U(A1,A2,B1)/R/P, AC3200,  Netgear R6250, R6300v2, R6400, R7000, R8000,  Linksys EA6300v1/EA6400, EA6500v2, EA6700, EA6900,  TendaAC15,  Huawei WS880

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  2. AdvancedTomato Asus RT-AC68U

    A router's graphical user interface is the most important part of the system because most users are unable or unwilling to configure a router by any other means. Tomato comes with a dated web interface with the option to change the color scheme but for some of us that is not enough. The interface simply feels out of date, out of style and in need of an update. AdvancedTomato enables you to keep all of the features of Tomato by Shibby and also upgrade your router's GUI to a clean and contemporary flat design. Users who demand a modern feature-filled firmware like Tomato deserve to explore those features using modern intuitive GUI like AdvancedTomato.

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  3. ASUS RT-AC88U Firmware

    RT-AC88U OFW Firmware.

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  4. ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware

    Fabryczne oprogramowanie dla ASUS RT-AC87U

    167 pobrań


  5. ASUS RT-AC68/87U DD-WRT

    Flashing Instruction:
    Warning, always clear browser cache before flashing.
    Flash Initial file :
    DD-WRT already installed -> flash universal build dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_Arm.bin Factory reset :

    8 pobrań


  6. ASUS RT-N18U

    This is the first version officially released.

    9 pobrań


  7. ASUS RT-AC68U Tomato RAF

    Tomato RAF Asus RT-AC68U

    źródło :

    8 pobrań


  8. ASUS RT-AC68U Tomato by Shibby

    Wersja testowa :
    Więcej informacji : 

    56 pobrań


  9. ASUS RT-AC52U Firmware

    ASUS RT-AC52U Firmware version Beta Version

    Please press the reset button more than 5 seconds to reset your router after firmware upgraded to prevent unexpected problem.

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  10. ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware

    ASUS RT-AC68U Firmware

    293 pobrań


  11. ASUSWRT-Merlin

    Asuswrt-merlin is a customized version of Asus's firmware. The goal is to provide bugfixes and minor enhancements to Asus's firmware, with also 
    a few occasional feature additions.  This is done while retaining the look and feel of the original firmware, and also ensuring that the two codebases remain close enough so it will remain possible to keep up with any new features brought by Asus in the original firmware.
    This project's goal is NOT to develop yet another firmware filled with many features that are rarely used by home users - that is already covered by other excellent projects such as Tomato or DD-WRT. This more conservative approach will also help ensuring the highest level of stability possible.  Priority is given to stability over performance, and performance over features.
    Supported devices are:
    RT-N66U RT-AC66U RT-AC56U RT-AC66U_B1 (use the RT-AC68U firmware) RT-AC68U, RT-AC68P, RT-AC68UF (including HW revision C1 and E1) RT-AC86U RT-AC2900 (use the RT-AC86U firmware) RT-AC1900 & RT-AC1900P (use the RT-AC68U firmware) RT-AC3200 RT-AC87U RT-AC88U RT-AC3100 RT-AC5300 RT-AX88U

    365 pobrań


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