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  • rmerlin ASUSWRT-Merlin Przez OpenITbot

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    Asuswrt-merlin is a customized version of Asus's firmware. The goal is to provide bugfixes and minor enhancements to Asus's firmware, with also 
    a few occasional feature additions.  This is done while retaining the look and feel of the original firmware, and also ensuring that the two codebases remain close enough so it will remain possible to keep up with any new features brought by Asus in the original firmware. This project's goal is NOT to develop yet another firmware filled with many features that are rarely used by home users - that is already covered by other excellent projects such as Tomato or DD-WRT. This more conservative approach will also help ensuring the highest level of stability possible.  Priority is given to stability over performance, and performance over features.
    Supported devices are:  RT-N66U RT-AC66U RT-AC56U RT-AC68U RT-AC68P RT-AC87U RT-AC3200 RT-AC88U RT-AC3100 RT-AC5300U
  • intel Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software Przez OpenITbot

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    Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software is recommended for end users, including home users and business customers who do not need advanced IT administrator tools. Software and drivers Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software (includes drivers) for Windows® 10: WiFi_20.60.0_PROSet64_Win10.exe WiFi_20.60.0_PROSet32_Win10.exe Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software version = 20.60.0 Driver version = for Windows 10 for 9461,9462, 9560, 9260, 18265, 8265, 18260, 8260 adapters. Driver version = for Windows 10 for 3168, 3165, 7265 (Rev. D), and 17265 adapters. Driver version = for Windows 10 for 7265 (Rev. C), 7260 and 3160 adapters.
  • Broadcom Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n controllers Przez OpenITbot

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    Broadcom BCM-43xx Wireless Lan Drivers Version  7.35.340.0 WHQL. - New package of drivers for Wi-Fi, the company Broadcom. Drivers are designed to work with chips series BCM43XX standards 802.11 a/b/g/n on supported operating systems  Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows10 - 32/64bit. Information package:
    Name: Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver BCM43xx (Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter Driver) Windows XP DriverVer=02/05/2014, Vista DriverVer=02/05/2014, Windows 7 DriverVer=10/07/2015, Windows 8 DriverVer=07/25/2014, Windows 8.1 DriverVer=11/17/2014, Windows 10 DriverVer=12/30/2015, 7.35.340.0 Supported chipsets:
    BCM430G, BCM43XGT, BCM43XG1, BCM43XG2, BCM43XG3, BCM43XM1, BCM43XM2, BCM43XM3, BCM43XG11, BCM43XG12, BCM430XG13, BCM43XM11, BCM43XM12, BCM43XM13, BCM43XM14, BCM43XG14, BCM43XNM11, BCM43XNM12, BCM43XNM13, BCM43XNM14, BCM43XNM21, BCM43XNM22
    Supported devices: BCM943228HM4L Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/n 2x2 Wi-Fi Adapter Broadcom 4313 802.11 b / g / n Broadcom 43225 802.11 b / g / n Broadcom 802.11 pre-n Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/n Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/pre-n Broadcom 802.11a-g Broadcom 802.11g


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